Bragg Still Set for Irish Visit

San Jose quarterback Darrin Bragg has one official visit under his belt and will be visiting Utah this weekend. He will follow up his Utah visit with a visit to Notre Dame. Where do the Irish stand with Bragg?

Darrin Bragg recently returned from an official visit to Duke. "That went well," said Bragg. "I liked it there. It's a good school, a good atmosphere and I think they'll turn it around."

Bragg will visit Utah this weekend. "I like Utah. They came to visit me this week. They told me that I would be a backup for a year and then I'd have a shot at the starting position."

Notre Dame also has been recruiting Bragg pretty hard. "Coach McDonell was at the school today. I'm still set for my visit there next weekend. I'm looking forward to that. I'm still very interested in Notre Dame."

We asked Darrin if the Irish have offered him yet? "No, Coach McDonell didn't say anything about an offer. Coach Diedrick has tried to call me the last two days. I'm going to call him back tonight. I should know something about that soon."

Comments: Bragg remains very interested in Notre Dame. As the Irish wait for the final word on Brian Brohm, some of these quarterbacks have to be getting nervous. The quarterback situation should become clear once Brohm makes his final decision. Top Stories