Baker Enjoys Visit to Notre Dame

Defensive end Ryan Baker recently returned from his official visit to Notre Dame. Baker has narrowed his choices down to two schools for his final decision. When does he plan to announce?

Ryan Baker said he enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame. "I had a lot of fun," said Baker. "I really enjoyed hanging out with the guys there."

Baker's host was defensive lineman, Dan Santucci. "He is a great guy. I hung out with most of the guys from the team. I also got to hang out with Mike Dury (Dury is a baseball player on the Notre Dame team, and a former teammate of Baker's at Bishop Chatard high school). I thought I fit in well with all of them."

What position are the Irish recruiting him for? "They told me they wanted me as a defensive end."

When does Baker plan to decide? "It's tied between Purdue and Notre Dame. Hopefully I'll decide pretty soon. Probably within the next two weeks." Will he wait until signing day? "I hope not, I hope I know before then."

Comments: We think the Irish are in good shape to land Baker. We would be surprised if he picked Purdue, but he's always been an Irish fan, and had been hoping for a chance to go to Notre Dame. We should know where he'll end up soon enough. Top Stories