Vaughn Set For Last Visit

Wide receiver prospect Chris Vaughn has returned from his official visit to Notre Dame. Vaughn plans to make his last visit this weekend to Notre Dame. Do the Irish have a shot to land Vaughn?

Christopher Vaughn said he enjoyed his visit to UCLA. "It was a real good time," said Vaughn. "It was a great visit. I liked the tradition there. They've had a lot of good athletes there. It also has great academics there."

Vaughn also enjoyed hanging out with the team. "I felt very comfortable with the coaches and players there. I could see myself there."

Where did the visit leave UCLA in the mix? "They are up there with Iowa and Michigan State. I don't have a favorite out of those three schools."

The Irish are the fourth school on his list, and he likes Notre Dame quite a bit. "My interest is very strong in Notre Dame. I'm definitely interested in going there. I just like their combination of education and athletics. I'm taking my whole family with me."

When Vaughn be making his decision? "Very soon after my visit to Notre Dame." Is there a chance he might commit to Notre Dame with a good visit there? "Yeah, there's a chance of that."

Comments: The Irish have a good shot to land Vaughn. We do believe he has a strong interest in the other schools, but he has been anticipating this visit. We'll know more after the visit. Top Stories