Lambert Down To Two

Terrail Lambert has finally finished up his High School football season, which culminated in him playing on National Television for the All American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Irish Eye caught up with Terrail to see how his recruiting process is escalating.

With football season over, Terrail Lambert is taking a quick break before heading into spring. "I'm just relaxing for this week, then I'm gonna jump into track season," he said.

With having been courted by schools as Notre Dame, Florida State, Ohio State, and USC this past year, the premiere defensive back prospect has narrowed his choices, but wrestles with who to ultimately choose. "I've narrowed it down between Florida State and Notre Dame, but you already know that," he said. "Between those two, I've sorta been going back and forth trying to pick a school. It's kinda hard though."

Though different in many ways, Terrail, ultimately, sees beyond that obvious comparisons and sees both programs for what they are. "Well, they are both great programs," he said. "But they both have little similarities. One's north. One's south. One's cold. One's warm. One's a private school. One's public. It's basically like night and day, if you look at them, but, as far as program prestige, I think that both are great. You really can't lose going to either one of and I think it's gonna come down to is where I feel in my heart where I should go, where I'm gonna feel most comfortable. It makes me have fun."

And when will he announce his commitment? "February 4th," he confessed.

With Signing Day approaching, Notre Dame has been visiting Terrail, in hopes of landing this speedy playmaker. "Coach Baer came and Coach Willingham," he said. "It was great. He's a real down to earth person, great coach. Other then football, we just talked about stuff that goes on, life experiences. It was basically normal conversation. Based on the conversation with him, he's real personal, so he really cares about the players and the people he's around with, because everything he says, he thinks about it in-depth and then it comes out. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is meaningful."

Although Terrail is uncertain about where he is going, he is definitely impressed with Coach Willingham and is optimistic about Notre Dame's future. "I think that a coach that can have words like that can make a team go forward," he said. "All the great coaches are able to do that. That's why I believe Notre Dame is going to be good in the future."

Comments: It seems that Terrail is wrestling with his decision. Notre Dame looks to be in good shape and have a great shot at landing him. Irish Eyes will be there for his announcement to see what school he chooses. Top Stories