Palmer Back From Notre Dame Visit

Houston linebacker Ronnie Palmer has returned from his official visit to Notre Dame. Was he impressed with Notre Dame? What are his plans for a decision?

Ronnie Palmer is back from his visit to Notre Dame. "It was great," said Palmer. "I liked the coaches and the facilities. I had fun."

We asked Palmer how he felt he fit in at Notre Dame. "I felt I fit in. It was OK, everything was decent, no complaints."

Was asked him to rate his visit on a 1-10 scale. "I'd say it was an eight or a nine."

What did he rate the Arizona visit? "I'd say that was a nine."

Is Palmer leaning towards Arizona right now? "I'd say maybe a little bit. Probably a little bit, I'm not sure."

A decision could be coming shortly. "I will probably decide before the week is over with. I don't think I'll take my other visits. I'll decide between Arizona and Notre Dame. Coach Willingham is coming by on Thursday. The Arizona coaches came by today. I should know before the week is over."

Comments: It's not looking promising for the Irish. It appears Arizona has the slight lead. Coach Willingham has the final say, but we're not sure it will make a difference. We'll have to wait and find out." Top Stories