Will the Irish Get Toal's Last Visit?

Linebacker Brian Toal has set his fourth visit and will be visiting Penn State this weekend. DO the Irish have a shot to land his last visit?

Brian Toal is set to visit Penn State this weekend. Irish Eyes caught up with Toal to get his thoughts on his final visit.

What about his fifth visit? "I have no idea. It's between Notre Dame, Nebraska and Virginia tech. I hoped to have that figured out by now. I will by the end of the week."

Is there a chance he might not take his fifth visit? "No, I think I'll probably take one. I just don't know who yet."

Does he has any in-homes this left this week? "I think Miami is coming tomorrow."

Is he tiring of the process? "Not tired of it, just confused. I don't want to rush it."

We asked if the visits confuse him more. "Yeah, that's pretty much what happened."

Out of the three (Notre Dame, Va Tech, Nebraska) which is most likely to get the visit? "Probably Notre Dame of Tech."

Comments: We'll have to wait a few days before knowing where Toal will take his last visit. I really couldn't guess where he might take the visit. His Dad played at Vriginia Tech, however, and that has to have some impact on his choice.

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