McBath Set For Final Visit

Texas defensive back Darcel McBath has had a busy two weeks visiting Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M in the previous two weeks. The Irish get his last vist. Is McBath excited about his last visit?

Darcel McBath enjoyed his last two visits with Texas Tech and Texas A&M. "I liked both of them," said McBath. "They were both about the same. I liked both maybe a little better than Oklahoma State."

McBath had some in-home visits today. Texas Tech coaches were in today, as well as Tyrone Willingham.

What did he think of Willingham? "That wen't really well. I liked everything about him. He's so smart. We talked about academics, how I fit in there, about my visit there. My Mom really liked him a lot. She was very impressed."

I asked if he had a good visit to Notre Dame, would he likely commit there? "Yeah, definitely."

Will he commit on the spot or go home first? "I'll probably go home. I'd probably decide sometime early next week."

Will the distance bother him if he were to go to Notre Dame? "If I liked it up there, I won't have any problem with the distance."

Comments It sounds like ND has set him up nicely for his visit. My hunch is Notre Dame is leading this race. It will all depend on his visit. Top Stories