Bragg Set For Final Visit

San Jose, California quarterback Darrin Bragg is set for his final visit to Notre Dame this weekend. Do the Irish have a shot to land Bragg?

Darrin Bragg said he got the offer he was waiting for. "Coach Diedrick came two days ago and offered me," said Bragg.

Bragg recently returned from a visit to Utah and Coach Meyer made a big impact on him. "That went very well. Coach Meyer talked about how much they needed me. We talked about the offense and how I'd fit in there. He said I would probably have to wait a year, but then I would have my shot."

With the Irish having freshman Brady Quinn as a starter, and having a commitment from David Wolke, Utah might be a good option according to Bragg. "I'm not sure what I'm thinking right now. I like the Utah offense, they throw the ball a lot. I like Notre Dame a lot, it's Notre Dame."

We asked Bragg what his concerns were with Notre Dame. "Just being able to start. The chance to have an equal opportunity to play. I don't want to sit around for three years before I get a shot to play."

Is there a good chance he might commit to the Irish this weekend? "I'd say there is a pretty good chance."

Comments: We think Bragg might be concerned about getting an opportunity. If the Irish can overcome his objections on his visit, we think he'll end up signing with Notre Dame. But, don't count out Utah in this race. We all know what a good recruiter Urban Meyer is. The Irish will have a battle on their hands for Bragg. Top Stories