Taylor Back From Final Visit

Running back Samson Taylor has returned from his final visit to Texas A&M. A decision should be coming shortly. Which school will Taylor likely choose?

Irish Eyes spoke with Carl, the grandfather of Samson Taylor, after his visit to Texas A&M. Carl is Taylor's legal guardian.

Carl said they enjoyed the visit to Texas A&M. "It was a nice visit," said Carl. "We had been there before. They have some new facilities and were having a dedication for them this weekend. It was a good visit. We'd been there before so there wasn't much new they could show us."

A decision should be coming shortly according to Carl. "He'll make his decision shortly--probably by Tuesday at the latest. He'll phone up the coaches and let them know. He might not announce his commitment until signing day. That is up to him, but the coaches should know by Tuesday at the latest."

Carl said he belives Taylor has already made his decision. "I think he has made his decision. He hasn't said yet, but I think he's made his decision. He just has to phone the coaches now."

Will Taylor have any more in-home visits? "No, I don't think there is much more we can learn. He has all the information."

Is there a good chance Taylor will sign with the Irish? "I'd say there is a very good chance. One a 1-10 scale, I'd say about an eight."

Comments: It's sounds very positive for Notre Dame with Taylor. We're not sure when he'll announce, but he should be telling the coaches very soon.

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