Bragg Speaks About Commitment

San Jose quarterback prospect Darrin Bragg committed to Notre Dame over the weekend. Irish Eyes spoke to Bragg about his commitment, and why he chose Notre Dame.

Darrin Bragg said he always knew he'd end up with an offer to Notre Dame. "It kind of unfolded nicely for me, but I always knew that I would get an offer from Notre Dame. I just had to be patient, it worked out well for me in the end."

Bragg got his offer and jumped on it this weekend. "Notre Dame is a great place. I think I have an opportunity to play there. David (Wolke) and I will compete for the number two job, and then we'll see what happens. I just felt it was the right place for me."

We asked Bragg if he and Wolke got to talk about the No. 2 job? "Yeah, we did. It was all good fun. We were just playing around, having fun with it. He's a good guy."

Bragg also said he was impressed with the Notre Dame coaches and players. "We all got along great. I really liked the attitude of the coaches there. They want to win there. I really liked all the players there. We all got along really well."

The Bragg family was also impressed. "My family loved it there. They like the academics and Coach Willingham. Everyone is very excited for me around here."

The 6-1, 190-pound quarterback says he's a firm commitment to the Irish. "No, I won't take any more visits or have any other coaches in. I'm going to Notre Dame." Top Stories