Is Ash Still Visiting This Weekend?

Defensive lineman Ell Ash had a visit scheduled for Notre Dame this weekend. Does Ash still plan to make his official visit this weekend?

Ell Ash says he's still visiting this weekend. "Yeah, I'm coming there this weekend," said Ash. "I want to check it out and see what Notre Dame is like."

Ash has been waiting for over two weeks to take this visit. "I just want to see what Notre Dame is like. I like the coaches there and the tradition."

We asked Ash when he might make his decision. "I really don't know. When it feels right to me. I won't make a commitment until I know what is the right for me."

Clemson, North Carolina State and Tennnessee are the other schools waiting to hear from Ash. "I told them that I'm taking this visit. They told me they'd wait for me."

Any chance he might commit on the visit to Notre Dame? "No, I would never make a commitment while I was at a school. I will come home and think about it, and talk it over with my family. I really don't know when I'll decide--when it hits me I guess."

Comments: It appears the Irish will get the last shot at Ash. He seems interested enough to wait a few weeks to take this visit. We'll have to wait and get his reaction after his visit. Top Stories