Signing Day!

The Notre Dame football team is down to their final day of the 2004 recruiting season. All results will be final today. The Irish are waiting word on two final players. How will the Irish finish this race?

The Irish are sitting at 16 verbal commitments as of now. They are waiting on the final word from corner prospect Terrail Lambert and wide receiver Christopher Vaughn today. Both are scheduled to have press conferences today to announce their final decisions.

Vaughn is announcing at 4 PM EST today. Nobody is sure when Lambert is announcing at this point.

Irish Eyes did speak with Chris Vaughn last night, and here is the latest.

We asked if he had made his final decision? "Not completely, I'm still trying to iron that out," said Vaughn. "I should know by tonight. My Dad should be home soon and we're going to go over it."

We stated from reading reports, it appears his family favors ND but he prefers Iowa? "I definitely wouldn't say that is correct. My Dad would probably like me to end up at Notre Dame, but I wouldn't say I'm favoring Iowa."

Is it likely he'll end up signing with Notre Dame tomorrow? "I'd say there's a very good chance."

Does that mean the Irish will get his fax tomorrow? "I don't know, I could end up at Notre Dame or Iowa."

Irish fans will have to wait a while for both to decide today. Coach Willingham has a press conference scheduled for 3:30 PM EST today. We will cover that press conference as usual. It's possible that Vaughn and Lambert might not be on the official list of signees because they haven't announced their decisions yet, even though they might eventually commit to the Irish. We'll stay on top of both guys today. Top Stories