Bolingbrook Star Likes Irish

Linebacker Ryan Bain is becoming known as one of the top prospects in the Chicago area. Bain already has his first official offer, and plenty of other schools appear interested. Is he interested in Notre Dame?

Bolingbrook star Ryan Bain is starting to get an idea of what recruiting will be like for him. "I'm getting mail from coast to coast," said Bain. "I'm getting mail from every conference. I get the most from the Big 10 area, but the Big 12 sends a lot. USC has been sending me a lot of stuff and appear to be very interested. I also have my first offer from Oregon."

The Irish also appear interested, and Bain is certainly interested in Notre Dame. "Yeah, they've been sending me a lot. They've always been my favorite. Around here, Notre Dame is pretty big. I grew up following them."

The 6-2, 241-pound linebacker racked up some impressive numbers as a junior. "I had 131 tackles, 25 tackles for loss, five sacks and one interception on the year."

Bain wasn't able to attend the recent junior day, however. "I didn't get the information from my coach in time. I couldn't make it anyway, I'll try to make the next one though."

Bain also appears to be a very good student. "I have over a 3.0 in my core. That was before this last semester where I had a 3.58 in my core. I haven't taken the test yet. I plan to do that on April 3rd."

We asked Ryan what he plans to do with recruiting. "I plan on waiting and taking all five of my official visits. I want to look at all my options and make sure I'm making the right decision. If I visit a school and it feels right I might commit. But, I want to look at a bunch of schools and make sure I'm making the right decision."

What about camps this summer? "I'm not sure I'm going to any camps. A few sources tell me to go to camps. A few others say I shouldn't go to camps and it could hurt me. I'll talk to my coach and my family and decide."

Bain also has an idea of what will be important to him in his decision. "I want to be able to get along well with the players. I also need to make sure I get along with my position coach because I'll be spending a lot of time with him. I just want to be compatible with the players and come out with a good education--education is the first thing on my mind."

Comments: It's very early in the process for Bain, but he seems to have a good idea of what he'll be looking for. The Irish appear to be the top team at this point, but it's also very early in the race. He's a very articulate kid. I'm sure the Irish will be recruiting him heavily this year. Top Stories