Indiana Defensive End Likes Irish

The state of Indiana has a lot of talent this year. One of the top prospects in Indiana will be defensive end J.B. Paxson. The 6-3, 262-pound pass-rushing specialist has a couple of offers already and is interested in Notre Dame.

Greenwood, IN prospect J.B. Paxson had a very impressive junior season. "I think I had 53 solo tackles," said Paxson "26 sacks, 3 interceptions--two for touchdowns. I also play tight end. I think I caught 16 passes and seven went for touchdowns." Paxson has also led his team into the state quarterfinals the last two seasons.

His junior season has caught the attention of a lot of college coaches. "I have two offers so far from Purdue and Indiana. I was just talking to my coach today. I have interest as far west as USC, as far east as Syracuse, and as far south as Miami. It's been crazy already."

Paxson recently went to Notre Dame for their recent junior day. "I was overly impressed with the coaching staff there--especially Coach Willingham. He took the time to meet with everyone individually, even if it were for just a few minutes. It was really neat to see Touchdown Jesus, the Golden Dome and the locker room for the first time. I also got to talk to a bunch of the guys from Indiana which is alway fun."

The bad news for Irish fans is that Paxson comes from a long line of Boilermaker fans. "Yeah, that's correct," said Paxson when asked if he grew up a Purdue fan. "They are a school high on my list."

Paxson also appears to be qualified. "I think my core is 2.75. I took the SAT and scored an 850 my first time. I need to take that again. I will soon."

When can we expect a decision from Paxson? Does he plan to take all five visits? "I doubt I take all five visits. I also doubt I'll decide anytime before August. I just don't want this to be a burden to my teammates. I have a few schools who are favorites. It will just depend on which teams offer, and how comfortable I feel at the time."

Paxson says he plans to attend some camps this fall. "I do plan to attend some camps. I really don't know where yet. I should know that soon."

Comments: J.B. sounds like one heck of a player. The fact that he grew up a Purdue fan might be difficult to overcome. I bet he does decide early in the process. The Irish have to hope to get him to camp this summer. Top Stories