Quarterback Likes Irish

Westwood, MA is home to quarterback Zack Asack. The 6-4, 185-pound signal caller already has his first offer and plenty of interest from many schools. He also has an interest in the Irish

Zack Asack had a solid junior season. "I threw for 1,500 yards and 10 touchdowns," said Asack. "We're more of a running team, but we did throw the ball at the end of the year more."

Asack already has his first offer. "Duke University has offered me. I'm getting a lot of mail from Boston College, Virginia, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Stanford, Nebraska and Syracuse mainly."

Already a veteran of many camps, Asack plans to attend more camps this summer. "I've been to Boston College camps since my freshman year. My team always goes there. Last year I went to Notre Dame camp. I know I'm going to the Nike Camp at Virginia. I'll go to Boston College camp again, I might go to Virginia. I can't really say where I'm going to go yet. I haven't decided on all of that yet."

We asked Asack what his impression was of Notre Dame. "It was my first time on campus and it was amazing. It lived up to the expectations. I really liked the coaches there. We ran our 40 times when we were there and the top two of each group would run against each other until only one was standing. It ended up being me and a wide receiver from Georgia as the final two standing out of everyone. He beat me but it was a close race. I talked to their recruiting coordinator after camp and he said they were going to recruit me. I sent them some of my tape. They told me that they thought I'd do well there."

Asack is also a smart kid. "I think I have a 3.4 in my core right now. I haven't taken the test yet. I think I take that in March."

What will be important to Zack when he makes his decision? "I'll look at the depth chart. I want to be able to play. I don't want to sit behind some All-American the whole time. I'll look for a place where I might sit for a year and then I'll have a chance. I probably won't decide early. I want to check out a bunch of schools. I want to go to a school that is pretty close to home yet is far enough away to feel independent."

We also asked Asack which schools he cheered for growing up. "I liked Boston College, the Florida Gators and Duke. My Dad played at Duke. We just went down there to check out their new facilities. They have brand new, state of the art facilities. They are impressive."

Comments: Asack is another quarterback the Irish appear to be recruiting. He plans to take his time with his decision. A good sign would be if he went to Irish camp again. We'll wait and see.

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