Another Giles a Possibility?

The Irish already have offensive lineman Zach Giles on the roster. His brother, Austin Giles, will now have his turn as a recruitable player. Do the Irish have a shot at Austin as well?

Austin Giles already knows a lot about the recruiting process after watching his brother Zach go through it. "I know how it goes," said Giles. "I know what to expect. My brother made an early decision. I think I might look around a little longer than he did--look at my options."

The attention is starting to come for 6-3, 275-pound Giles. "I get the most mail from Boston College, Rutgers and Syracuse. I get other letters, but those are the most consistent."

We asked Austin if he'd heard from Notre Dame yet? "No, nothing yet. I'd definitely come up there and take a look. What is right for my brother might not be right for me though. I'd definitely take a look at them though."

Giles says he does plan to take in a couple of summer camps. "I'll be going to quite a few. A lot of them will be just one-day camps. Boston College, Rutgers, Penn State. I might go to Michigan, Notre Dame and the Nike Camp."

Giles is also a solid student. "I don't know what my core g.p.a. is. I should probably find out. I know I've made the honor roll the last two times. I haven't taken my test yet."

Comments: Were not sure if the Irish are interested in Giles or not. It seems strange they haven't contacted him at least. We'll check back in a while and see if the Irish start recruiting him. Top Stories