Craven a Hot Prospect

Fort Wayne, IN prospect Travis Craven will be a hot prospect in 2005. The 6-4, 220-pound Craven has been racking up the miles hitting junior days all across the region. Is Craven interested in Notre Dame?

Travis Craven had a very impressive junior season. "I had 22 1/2 sacks," Craven said. "I also had 59 tackles."

"My latest 40 time is 4.53. I ran that at Ohio State camp." Craven also mentioned that hte 22 sacks were not included in the 59 tackles, and he also had 7 forced fumlbes, 12 knockdowns and 20 tackles on special teams.

Schools are recruiting Craven heavily but he has yet to receive his first offer. "I haven't taken my S.A.T. yet. I take that on May 1st so I expect some offers when I get my score. I have a 3.3 g.p.a. overall. I'm mainly getting mail from schools in the Big 10 and Notre Dame. Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan and Illinois send the most mail."

Craven has also been on the road a lot visiting schools. "I've been to junior days at Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue, Ball State, Illinois and Michigan so far."

The Irish impressed Craven on his visit. "I think Notre Dame gave the best overall tour of their campus. They were very imformative. I've always liked their campus. I went for the first time in 5th or 6th grade so I was already familiar with it. I liked the coaches there. It's different. Each school approaches (junior day) a little different."

He also plans to attend a few camps this summer. "I think I'll attend the overnight camp at Michigan. I'll also go to a few one-day camps so schools can see what I can do. I don't know which ones yet. I'm still trying to work that out."

Craven says he's not sure when he'll make his final decision. "I probably won't wait until the end. I'll probably take a few visits and then decide. The coaching staff will be important to me since I'll spend so much time with them. The academics will also be important to me."

Comments: Expect Craven to be highly recruited. I've heard he's a very athletic player. The Irish will likely recruit him very hard and appear to be in the race. Look for the Irish to try hard to get him into camp. Top Stories