Naperville Linebacker Should be Top Prospect

Chicago linebacker Eric Small is hardly small. At 6-2, 250 pounds, he's a big linebacker. The Naperville native is receiving a lot of interest from schools all over the Midwest. Are the Irish interested in Small? Is he interested in Notre Dame?

Eric Small had a solid junior season. "I ended up with around 100 tackles," said Small. "I had 10 sacks and an interception as well."

The first offer has yet to come for Small but plenty of schools are interested. "Notre Dame sends me the most mail. Pretty much everyone in the Big 10 has been sending me mail regularly. Boston College has also been sending a lot of mail."

Small has also hit the junior day circuit as well. "I went the the Notre Dame junior day and I went to Iowa. I'm going to Illinois next."

What did Small think of Notre Dame? "It was amazing. The whole campus is amazing. The whole feeling of the place--I like it a lot."

Small also plans to attend a few camps this summer. "I've been invited to the Nike Camp so I'll probably go to one of those. I also think I'll go to camp at Notre Dame and Iowa."

Academics should not be a concern as Small says he has a 3.2 in his core and has not taken the test.

"I don't really know when I'll decide," Small said when asked if he planned to make an early decision. "I want to look at all my options, but I also don't want to wait too long. I'll look at the whole football team when I decide. Where they are and where they are headed. I also will look at playing time. Everyone wants to play early. Location might play into it as well."

So what kind of play is Eric Small? "I'd say I'm a pretty good leader. I think I have great ability to read a play and make the play. I think I have good speed for my size, and my strength has really helped me. I'm pretty strong."

Comments: Small said he wasn't sure if he'd end up playing linebacker in college or moving to defensive line. Expect the Irish to recruit Small pretty hard. He appears very interested in Notre Dame. Top Stories