Hedstrom Likes Irish

Chicago offensive lineman Eric Hedstrom has been receiving plenty of attention so far this spring. Plenty of mail has been coming from schools all over the Midwest. Do the Irish have a shot at Hedstrom?

Eric Hedstrom is still waiting for his first offer, but plenty of schools appear interested. "I don't have any offers at this point," said Hedstrom. "Quite a few schools have been writing me though."

"Illinois, Michigan, Navy, Iowa, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Indiana, pretty much all the Big 10. Florida State and Miami also sent me some mail. I won't be going there. It's too hot there. I'd die the first day of two-a-days."

Hedstrom has also been hitting the junior day circuit. "I've been to Notre Dame and Illinois for their junior days. I liked both a lot."

The trip to Notre Dame seemed to make a big impression on Hedstrom. "It was amazing. I got to see everything. Every kid dreams of playing for Notre Dame. Ever since I saw Rudy I've wanted to play for Notre Dame. It's an impressive place."

Summer camps might be out of the question for Hedstrom, however. "I'm not sure I can make any summer camps. I'd like to go to camp at Notre Dame and Illinois but I play three sports. If I have time I'll make it."

Hedstrom should qualify and plans to make an early decision. "I have a 4.6 on a 5.0 scale. I'm taking the test on April 3rd. I'm planning on making an early decision--probably after my third game of my season. Academics will be the most important factor. Not everyone is going to the NFL so that will be important. I'll look at the football tradition and the reputation of the school--if they can help me get a job after I graduate. I'll probably go check out some schools this summer and make a decision sometime during my season."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Hedstrom. It's hard to know which players the Irish will offer, but they do seem to be in good shape with Hedstrom if they do. We'll keep an eye on him as well to see if an offer comes.

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