Penn Hills Star Hot Prospect

Penn Hills high school in Pittsburgh, PA is home to running back Ken Lewis. The 6-0, 180-pound Lewis had some injuries last season, but that hasn't stopped college coaches from recruiting Lewis heavily. Do the Irish have a shot at Lewis?

Ken Lewis struggled through and injury-filled junior season in 2003. "I missed a lot of games," said Lewis. "I was banged up a lot of the year. I know I rushed over 1,000 yards. I don't know the rest of my stats."

The injuries haven't stopped the mail from pouring in. "I'm getting a lot of mail. Penn State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Iowa, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, I'm getting a lot of mail."

Notre Dame is a school on on Lewis' list early in the process. "I know it's a real good school. I like them a lot. They have a good program and all of their games are televised which would allow my family to watch me play."

Lewis says he'll be hitting the camp circuit this summer. "I'm going to the Nike Camp. I'm also going to try to make it to Notre Dame, Penn State and North Carolina."

Don't expect an early decision from Lewis. "I'm going to take my visits. I want to keep my options open and take my visits. I'll look at how tight the team is. How good the academics are and how far away from home it is. I won't go real far away from home."

Does Lewis have some top teams at this point? "Yeah, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Iowa and Boston College right now."

Comments: Lewis said he wasn't sure on the core g.p.a. but said that his guidance counselor told him he'd be fine. Lewis says he'll likely end up at running back or corner in college. He seems pretty wide open at this point. Top Stories