California QB Has Ties to the Irish

Carlsbad ,CA prospect Sean Canfield is receiving a lot of interset from many major college football powers. Do the Irish have interest in Sean and is he considering Notre Dame? Well,we asked him just that.

6'4, 207-pound Sean Canfield had an impressive junior season. Canfield threw for 1,800 yards 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions on the season. He also completed 105-174 passes, for 1727 yards, 17 touchdowns, 6 interceptions as a sophomore.

Plenty of schools are interested in Canfield. "Notre Dame, UCLA, Oregon, Colorado, OU, Alabama, ASU, Arizona and Tennessee are sending me mail right now," said Canfield. "I'm getting handwritten mail from Notre Dame and Arizona."

Is Canfield interest in Notre Dame? "Yes, definitely. My uncle (John Hargrove) was the president of the ND alumni."

Canfield plans to have a busy summer. "I went to the Notre Dame summer camp in 2002. I went to the Bob Johnson camp in 2003 and will go again this summer. I hope to make the Elite 11 camp. I'll be going to the Nike Camp and San Diego State on April 24th."

We asked Canfield where he was sitting with his core g.p.a. and if he had taken his test yet. "I have about 3.0. I'm taking the test on May 1st."

The Carlsbad native says he won't be making an early decision. "I will take most of my visits. The important factors will be the football history of the program, how the teams been doing, and the style of offense."

Does Canfield have any favorites right now? "Notre Dame is definitely right up there."

Comments: The Irish appear to be recruiting Canfield pretty heavily. He also appears to be interested in the Irish. He should be a guy to keep an eye on during the May evaluation period. Top Stories