Irish Eyes on Big Fullback?

Fullback is a position that the typical west coast offense likes to use frequently. Two recruiting seasons ago, Notre Dame signed Ashley McConnell. The Irish signed no fullbacks in last years recruiting campaign which leads many to believe the Notre Dame will go after a few this year. Will Mabry be one of the fullbacks Notre Dame goes after?

Jerrell Mabry, the 6'3 250lb fullback from Shaw HS in Columbus GA really racked up the yards last year. During his junior season, he racked up 1200 yards on 125 carries and 23 touchdowns. With such an outstanding season, colleges in the southeast, as well as across the country have started showing interest in Mabry. "I'm getting a lot of mail from Georgia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma State and a bunch of other schools" said Mabry.

Has he heard from Notre Dame? "I got a couple of letters from Notre Dame. That's about it" said Mabry. Would Notre Dame be a school Mabry would be interested in? "Could be. But it's a long way from home" said Mabry.

We asked Mabry if location will be a factor for when making a decision? "Yes and no. I'd like to go to a school that's close enough that my mom and dad could come see me play. But if I like a school that's kind of far away I wouldn't let that me the reason I didn't go there."

Mabry also says he'll be looking at a schools academics and athletic program as factors in making a decision. "Academics are important to me so that's going to be part of my decision. I want to go to a school with good academics. I'll be looking at the type of football program the school has too to make sure I fit in."

While Mabry says he doesn't have a top five, he does name a leader. "Georgia Tech is my favorite. I really like their program."

Mabry has a 3.25 GPA, and has taken the SAT but is waiting for his results. He does not plan on making a decision until signing day.

Comments: It is still early in the recruiting process so we're not sure how much interest ND has in Mabry. How much interest Mabry has in Notre Dame will be another thing however. He wants to stay close to home, and obviously South Bend is a long way from Georgia so that doesn't look good for Notre Dame. However, signing day is ten months away, and a lot can happen in ten months. IrishEyes will keep you updated. Top Stories