Georgia Wide Receiver Getting National Interest

Atlanta, Ga. wide receiver Greg Smith is becoming a hot prospect The 6-4, 190-pound Douglas high school star is drawing interest from schools across the nation. Is Notre Dame one of those schools?

Greg Smith is gathering quite an impressive list of potential suitors and with his size (6-4), speed (4.4-forty) and stats (35 catches, 700 yards, 6 TDs as a junior); it's easy to see why. "I've been receiving a lot of mail from different schools," said Smith. "Some of the top ones are Georgia Tech, Clemson, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Maryland, and Duke."

Has Notre Dame contacted you? "Yes, they have. Notre Dame, Florida and Maryland have been sending me handwritten letters."

Is Smith interested in Notre Dame? "Oh, yes, definitely. I like their coach, Ty Willingham. I like their offense. They throw the ball well and have a well balanced offense."

Not only does Davis bring his receiving skills to the table but blocking as well. "Notre Dame has some good running backs and I feel like that I block pretty well as a receiver. I think that I could help them out in the running game, too."

What are his factors in choosing a school? "My parents want me to go out of state, so that's a big factor. It will be somewhere that has a good program and a place where I'll be able to play early." Is there a leader right now? "No, not right now. I'm going to take all my visits and then weigh my options.

Smith will start weighing those options this summer, "I plan on attending junior days at Georgia Tech, Florida, and Tennessee."

Smith currently has a 3.8 GPA and scored a 940 on the SAT.

Comments: Smith seems genuinely interested in Notre Dame. The fact that his parents want him to go to school out of state has to help the Irish's chances of landing him. His athletic ability and great attitude would be a great addition to Notre Dame's recruiting class. We'll definitely keep an eye on him. Top Stories