Irish Back At It On Monday

The Irish were back on the practice field on Monday for their sixth day of spring practice. The sun was out and the spirits were high as the team was dressed in some pads but wearing shorts. What did the Irish do on Monday?

It was a pretty normal day on the practice field. We took some time to check out the defense.

The first part of practice the linebackers and defensive backs were working on nickel defense in a hurry up situation. Kent Baer would give the seven a situation and make sure each position was moving properly considering the situation. They'd then hurry up and snap the ball again making sure the defense was aligned up properly again and moving to the ball well.

The first-string defense in nickel (at least for linebackers and defensive backs) were Mike Goolsby, Derek Curry, Lionel Bolen, Tom Zbikwoski, Dwight Ellick, Mike Richardson and Carlos Campbell.

The second part of practice for the defense we were able to watch was spent on individual instruction on tackling. One defensive player was given a ball and had to run between two cones. Another defensive player then had to line and up hit the ball carrier using perfect tackling form or they'd hear it from the coaches.

Coach Tyrone Willingham says the Irish are haven't forgot about the kicking game during the spring. He was asked how the kicking game was shaping up. "Right now we're not shaping. We're doing a lot of individual work and that's not a negative. But we're just doing a lot of individual work. We're trying to isolate the components and see if we can get those better. And just get the base under us; the fundamentals under us because once you establish sound fundamentals, success will come."

Willingham also said he was pretty pleased with the scrimmage on Saturday. ""I thought there were some good things but I also thought there was some sloppy play. I thought it looked like the first opportunity in full pads. But there were some good things. We had some runs; we had some passes. The focus with the weather was not on passing because it got cold and got extremely windy out there. So you learn to work on the things you can."


Offensive lineman Mark LeVoir was back practicing on Monday. Trevor Laws remained out as does Brian Beidatsch.

We were not 100 percent positive, but it appeared incoming recruits David Wolke and Chris Vaughn were also in attendance. Both looked every bit the size they were listed during recruiting.

The Irish will be back in full pads on Tuesday and will hold their second scrimmage on Thursday. The players and coaches will not be available to the media after the scrimmage because of Easter break. Top Stories