Cali Defensive Lineman is One to Watch

Bernard Afutiti, the 6'1 225lb DT from Fontana CA is one to watch in 2004. After having a great junior season, all eyes will be on him and his Kaiser HS team as they look for their third consecutive championship. Colleges have been lining up to talk to him. Has he heard from the Irish?

For Bernard Afutiti, the letters keep pouring in. He's receiving coast to coast attention after a monster junior season at his defensive tackle position. Afutiti record 125 tackles and 17 sacks on defense, while having close to 400 yards rushing on offense from his running back position. He's been clocked with 4.65 speed, and benches 350lbs. Football programs from across the nation have taken notice. "I'm pretty much hearing from everyone right now" Afutiti said. "Michigan, Colorado, Penn State, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Washington, and others."

Though he doesn't have any offers yet, Afutiti does have two teams that stick out. "Michigan and Colorado show me the most attention. They send me the most mail, and I hear from them the most."

Has Notre Dame contacted Afutiti? "They send me mail, but I really haven't gotten much from them."

Afutiti recently took the ACT and awaits his results. He has a 3.0 GPA and knows what he's looking for in a school. When asked what factors he'll use to determine which school is right for him, Afutiti responded, "Just the overall feel. I want to be comfortable with the players, and the students of the school. I really want to fit in. Education will be a big factor. I'll look at the coaching staff and see how I fit in with them too." Afutiti indicated that location will not be a factor in his decision.

Over the summer, Afutiti plans to train hard for his senior season. Aside from that, he's not sure on any other plans at this time. "I'm not really sure where I'll be going to camp. I'll talk that over with my parents and then decide."

Expect a decion from Afutit after his senior season is over.

Comments: Afutiti is a name that recruitniks will be very familiar with this recruiting season. Michigan and Colorado have the early lead, but he indicated he will not be deciding until after his season so there is plenty of time for other schools to make up ground. He was a pleasure to talk to, and encoraged Irisheyes to keep in touch with him. We'll do just that. Top Stories