Schoenhoft Has Impressive List of Offers

Robert Schoenhoft has already received offers from Iowa, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Akron. Are the Irish interested in Schoenhoft? Where do the Irish stand with this recruit?

At 6-6 and 230-pounds, Robert Schoenhoft has the ideal build for a quarterback. The Cincinnati native also has the skills, "I threw for around 1,100 yards with 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions last season," said Schoenhoft.

Has he heard from Notre Dame? "Yes, they've been sending me letters. I haven't talked to any coaches yet, but I have had contact with their recruiting coordinators."

Schoenhoft says he's definitely interested in Notre Dame. "They're a great school. The legacy, the tradition of the football team; it's unbelievable."

Has he attended any junior days? "I wasn't able to make it to Notre Dame's, but I plan on attending ones at Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, and Cincinnati."

He has a full schedule planned for the rest of the off-season, as well. "I also plan on attending the Nike camp this spring, as well as summer camps at Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa."

Irish Eyes asked if he plans on committing early. "Yes, I want to commit as early as possible." What are the important factors in choosing a school? "Academics are number one. Playing time, coaches, and location will also factor in."

Is distance an issue? "I want to go somewhat close to home. I don't see myself going all the way out to a school like USC, but distance isn't a huge issue."

Do your parents have a preference? "Not really. They want whatever I want. They're confident in my decisions and with their help and the help of my coach; I feel we'll be able to decide on a good school for me."

What are Schoenhoft's top choices right now? "I would say Notre Dame, Iowa, and Michigan State would be my top three."

Schoenhoft also said he has a 2.9 GPA.

Comments: Schoenhoft is very interested in Notre Dame, which is good, since he seems like a Notre Dame type player. The fact that he already has an impressive list of offers, and he wants to commit early is something to keep an eye on. With Notre Dame likely only offering one quarterback this recruiting season, the search will be sure to heat up. Irish Eyes will follow the developments and keep you informed. Top Stories