An Early Look at Recruiting

Recruiting seems to get rolling sooner and sooner every year. The Irish coaches haven't had the luxury of the May evaluation period yet, but Irish fans already want to know who the top targets are. It's far too early to tell who the top players are, but here is a list of some players the Irish will likely be recruiting in 2004.

Please understand that this list is hardly accurate. At this point even the Irish coaches do not know who they like best because they haven't evaluated all the talent available. Also, I'm quite certain there are a number or players that I will not include for lack of information on them. Just take this list as a very early list and one to keep an eye on. We will be adding and subtracting from this list often.

Quarterback will be an interesting race. I'm not sure if Notre Dame will take one or two quarterbacks at this point. I think that won't be decided until the staff gets a look at the two quarterbacks reporting in August. At any rate, here's some quarterbacks to keep an eye on.

Sean Canfield
Gene Delle Donne
Jonathan Garner
Tyler Horne
Kevin Lopina
Sean Price
Mark Sanchez
Arkelon Hall
Kellan Moriarty
Eric Peterman
Rob Schoenhoft
Evan Sharpley
Chase Daniel
Jason Forcier

Moriarty and Peterman have the ability to play other positions and will probably be looked at very hard by the Irish staff because of this. I'm sure we've missed a few quarterbacks on this list that the Irish will take a look at in May.

There doesn't appear to be as many names at running back so far as we've had in the past. More names will likely surface after May. Here's a list of some backs I'm sure the Irish will take a look at.

Mike Brown
Jonathan Stewart
Maurice Wells
Jamaal Charles
Cortes Rice
Ken Lewis
Dwight Tardy
Jovorskie Lane

I've seen Brown and Wells on film and all I can say is wow! The Irish will also likely recruit Stewart very heavily and already are.

We have an even smaller list for wide receiver at this point. This happens every year because the Irish are not seen as a passing team in the eyes of many top recruits. I've been actively searching for players the Irish are recruiting heavily and have interest in Notre Dame. So far, I haven't found many. We do expect this list to grow quite a bit after Notre Dame evaluates players during May.

Donald Washington
Kitt Pommells
Carlos Thomas

We expect a lot more names to surface. Washington has already visited Notre Dame for a junior day.

The Irish will be looking at some tight ends in this recruiting class after not taking a tight end in 2003. Plenty of prospects appear interested. At this point, we're not sure who the top targets are. Here's a list of some to keep an eye on.

Anthony Moeaki
Tyler Blum
James Dray
Eric Lorig
Tim McAvoy
Joey Hiben
Kazeem Alli

We expect more names to surface at tight end. Lorig and McAvoy have been to Notre Dame on unofficial visits. Moeaki says he'll be stopping by as well this spring.

Offensive line is another position that takes a long time before it becomes clear who the top prospects are. The Notre Dame staff has shown that they are extremely picky about offensive linemen and don't just throw offers out there. Plenty of names are interested, but we're not sure who the top targets are at this time.

Charles Brown
Dan Doering
Jamarcus Grant
Aleksey Lanis
Andy Laue
Kurt Mattes
Mark Ortmann
David Moosman
Malcolm Rawls
Jacob Hickman
Eugene Monroe
Ian Brinker

This is a very early list of offensive linemen. I expect a lot of new names to be added after May.

Defensive line is another area where we expect to see more names added soon. Here is a look at some players we think will be on the list after May.

J.B. Paxson
Travis Craven
Patrick Kuntz
Terrance Jamison
James Chavis
Neefy Moffett
Will Powers
Jared Zwilling
Todd Denlinger
Matt Reynolds
Vincent Williams

The Irish appear to have a lot of names at linebacker that they are recruiting. We don't expect a shortage of names. They need to sign some inside linebackers in this class.

Rey Maualuga
Brian Cushing
Ryan Bain
Anthony Felder
Zach Larsen
Chris Jeske
Eric Small
Marvin Sapp
Luther Brown
Ryan Reynolds
Adrian McCovey

Defensive backs will be a high priority as well. Here is a list of some players we think will be targets.

Justin King
Donnie Woods
Chris Cook
Brad Jones
Brandon Harrison
David Bruton
Ray Herring
Jamie Robinson

Expect this list to change soon and often. But, it's a list none the less to keep handy. I'm certain I've forgotten a number of quality guys, and I'm certain new names with surface very soon. Feel free to add your input on the message boards. Top Stories