Slocum Is Sought After

Marques Slocum, the towering 6'6 326lb lineman from Philadelphia (St. John Neumann HS) is a name all recruiting followers will know this year. He is receiving national attention, and has an impressive list of scholarship offers. Is he interested in Notre Dame?

Marques Slocum is a two way player for St. John Neumann. He plays guard along the offensive line, and is a menacing defensive tackle as well. His play on both sides of the line of scrimmage has earned him an impressive list of offers.

"I have scholarship offers from LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Virginia, Syracuse, Boston College, Maryland, and Wisconsin" said Slocum. "I've been hearing from USC lately too. They want me to come out there for camp. I'll probably camp there."

That will not be Slocum's only stop this summer. "I'm going to Florida for their junior camp, Penn State for their junior camp, Nike camp, and the May 5th Elite camp in the Meadowlands" said Slocum.

Slocum is enjoying the attention he's getting from the schools recruiting him, but says he doesn't have a top five yet. "I don't have a top five. I'm open to everyone right now."

Has he heard from Notre Dame yet? "I just started receiving letters from them. I played against one of their players. I played against Maurice Stovall my freshmen year. He already looked like he was in college. He had these huge calf muscles. He was really good."

If Notre Dame wants to get into the Marques Slocum race, they have time to do it since he does not plan on making a decision until sometime into his senior season. "I'll probably make a decision during the season. I'll weigh my options, go through the depth charts, look at the schools majors, and find out what I am getting out of the programs academically. If something happens to me and I get injured, I want to make sure I have something to fall back on. I want to major in engineering so I'll be looking at the schools engineering majors. I like too so I'm thinking about maybe taking up animation."

Slocum has a 2.6 GPA and is getting ready to take the SAT. "I take the SAT on May 1. I'll be taking courses over the summer to help raise my score then take it again in October."

Comments: Slocum was a real pleasure to talk to. He was very open, and although he's getting attention from across the nation, he's still very humble. He seemed intrigued with Notre Dame and it's a good sign that Notre Dame is sending him mail. We'll see how things progress from here. Top Stories