Jones Likes the Irish?

Brad Jones is a 6-2, 190-pound cornerback from Canton, Ohio. He recorded 42 tackles and one interception during his junior year. He is drawing interest from some top schools, and with 4.4 speed it's easy to see why. Has he heard from Notre Dame? Does he have any favorites?

Brad Jones is listed as a cornerback/athlete. When asked what his preferred position is, the McKinley high school star said, "I don't care as long as it's on the defensive side of the ball."

Jones doesn't have any offers yet, but plenty of schools are interested. "I have been receiving mail from Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Iowa, and Virginia. Everything I'm getting from Notre Dame is handwritten."

Is he interested in Notre Dame? "Yes, without a doubt. I like their tradition. As a matter of fact, I'm taking an unofficial visit to Notre Dame on Friday."

Has Jones had the opportunity to speak to any of the Notre Dame coaches? "Yes, I've spoken with Coach (Mike) Denbrock a few times."

Jones has already visited Pittsburgh and Ohio State for their junior days and he also attended the Blue Chip Days at Pitt. In addition to his Notre Dame visit this Friday, he is visiting the Nike Camp in Columbus.

The Ohio native says he hopes to make an early decision. "Yes, I would like to get an early offer so I can verbal before my senior season starts. That way my mind can concentrate on high school football the whole year."

What are the most important factors in choosing a school? "Academics are number one. I also want the opportunity to play early wherever I go."

Jones also listed a few favorites for us. "Right now, it's Pitt and Notre Dame at the top of the list. I would say that it's 60-40 in favor of Pitt, but that's only because I've been to Pitt a couple of times. Once I visit Notre Dame this week that could all change."

Who do his parents like? "My parents like Pitt for the same reasons; they've been there. Once they've had the opportunity to see Notre Dame they're feelings could change just like mine."

Jones has a self-reported 2.7 GPA and has not yet taken the SAT.

Comments: The Irish are definitely in the running for Jones. We get the feeling that if all goes well on his trip this week, then Notre Dame could be his leader. A team can never have enough 6-2 defensive backs with 4.4 speed. We'll be sure to check back and see where the Irish stand. Top Stories