Bruton Enjoys Visit to Notre Dame

<P>Miamisburgh, Ohio is home to defensive back Davied Bruton. The 6-2, 180-pound Bruton had an impressive junior season and has plenty of suitors. Bruton recently visited Notre Dame. What did he think of the Irish? Who are his top schools? When does he plan to make a decision? Are the Irish one of his top schools?

David Bruton had an excellent junior season. "I had eight interceptions, one I returned for a touchdown," said Bruton. "I had 58 tackles and 10 pass breakups. I also blocked three kicks."

Bruton also has his first offer. "Cincinnati has offered me. I get a lot of mail from Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Purdue send me the most."

Bruton has also been hitting the junior day circuit. "I've been to a lot. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee and Cincinnati so far."

The Irish made a solid impression with Bruton when he attended a recent junior day. "I talked to Coach Denbrock, Coach Wilks and Coach Willingham a little bit. I had a good time. I really liked the enviornment.

"I went in not knowing much about Notre Dame. I left knowing a lot. I liked the coaches a lot. I talked to some of the players and I like them. I even got a chance to speak to some students and I like them as well. It kind of surprised me."

Did the Irish say the would be offering soon? "They said a possible offer could be coming soon. They need to get my grades through admission, but Coach Denbrock said that shouldn't be any problem. I still have to take the test and I take that June 17th."

The other school that has impressed Bruton so far has been Michigan. "I liked it there a lot. I didn't think it was that small of a campus. The only bad thing is they didn't have my major." What is he majoring in? "Physical therapy."

Does Bruton have some top schools at this point? "I'd say Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Illinois and Tennessee are the top schools."

Bruton also knows what will be important to him when making a decision. "Education is No. 1. It's my No. 1 goal to graduate with a degree. That is the most important thing."

A decision could come soon for Bruton. "I'd liked to make an early decision--hopefully before my season starts."

Does his parents have any favorites? "My Dad wants me to go to Notre Dame. He'd really like that. My Mom just wants me to be somewhat close to home so she can see me play."

Comments: Keep an eye on Bruton. He's a top player that the Irish will definitely be recruiting. Notre Dame and Michigan appear to be the top two at this point. Look for the Irish to push hard to land this top player. Top Stories