Wilson Looking for an Opportunity

Marcus Wilson, the 5'11" 199-pound running back from Staten Island's Poly Prep will enter the 2004 season as a senior with two years of eligibility remaining. Wilson has seen limited action as a running back so far in his career but has racked up time as a special team performer. Irish Eyes talked with Marcus to get an update on his progress and spring practice.

The Irish returned to the practice field after a four-day break. We asked Wilson how practice had gone and if the time off had set the team back. "I don't think we were real rusty," said Wilson of his team after the break. "Everybody was just excited to be out there. On some of the plays, we didn't seem to be in sync but we made some good plays. Basically we just got after it and focused on execution. With the days off, we wanted to come out and just be in sync and make more plays. All-in-all, I think we had a good day."

By all appearances, it seems that the team as a whole had a successful winter conditioning program and players we have talked with are pleased with what they accomplished. When asked about his winter Marcus said, "I think I had a pretty good winter. I wanted to just get bigger and faster and I think I've done that. My weight is the same about 199, but I have more bulk and my body fat has dropped down to six."

Although he hasn't had a lot of playing time, Wilson cannot be considered a rookie as this will be his third year in this offensive system. "It's definitely a big advantage knowing the system. Because a lot of us have been in it longer, we're able to open up the offense more - get the backs more passes and in the past we haven't done that. So I think because we've been in it longer, we're going to start doing that more and making plays."

On Thursday, April 8, the team held its usual two-hour practice with the last hour spent on short scrimmages. One of the scrimmages was devoted mainly to the running game and Marcus had the opportunity to carry the ball. Irish Eyes asked Marcus for his opinion of the scrimmage and he responded, "I think as a team we did pretty good. Guys were getting after it and basically that's what we want to do. I think the defense had the edge, just because they made a few more plays than we did. I think it was a pretty good scrimmage. I wasn't satisfied with my performance. You can never be satisfied; you always want to do better."

"I'm doing okay at pass-blocking, but I can do a lot better," Wilson said. "I think, as a whole, we are beginning to do the little things better, taking better angles in our pass-blocking and everything."

Spring practice is beyond the halfway point and we keep hearing the word confidence in relation to this team soWilson was asked to give us his view on the team's confidence and attitude. "I'd say it's a lot better than last year. Guys just want to get out there and get after it and make plays. We know what we have to do. Last year's season is definitely a motivator. Nobody wants to have a losing season, you know. So, we don't want to embarrass ourselves. We know we have the talent, we're going to show it."

Marcus Wilson is a soft-spoken individual who expects his actions on the field do the talking for him. In fact he shared with us, "Basically, my style is just to make plays. I'm not a real vocal guy so my way of being a leader is just trying to make plays and put the team in the best situation I can."

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