Join Us For an Irish Eyes Tailgate

We want to invite everyone to join us for the official Irish Eyes tailgate at the annual Blue/Gold scrimmage next Saturday, April 24th.

We will be located in the Joyce North lot and I will try to park as close to the Southwestern corner of the Joyce North lot as I can so it will be easier to find. Yes, that is further away from the stadium, but it's also easier to get a spot and easier to find. Look for a white Dodge Durango with Indiana plates and an Irish Eyes banner. Here is a pretty good map that could be helpful in locating us.

We will arrive around 9 AM ready for some tailgating. We are bringing some grub (chicken) and some beverages (beer, soda). We are only going to be buying some domestic beverages (Coors, Miller, Bud, Coke, etc.) so if you want motor oil (Guiness, Sam Adams, etc.) you best bring your own.

We are also having a little get-together Friday before the spring game if anyone is in town and wants to chat, throw back a few. We will be at the new "Bookmaker's Pub" formerly known as "Coaches" around 7 PM for some festivities. There has been confusion before as to where we are located in this bar, I'll place an Irish Eyes business card at the end of the table for you to find us.

If you want to bring anything, a bag of chips would probably be the most you could bring, or your own beer, soda if you don't like mine.

We look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone. If you have questions, please e-mail me at: Top Stories