Michigan Quarterback Likes Irish

Marshall, Michigan is home to one of the nation's top quarterback prospects. Evan Sharpley, at 6-2 200 pounds, he already has offers from Co-national champion LSU and Iowa. Is he interested in Notre Dame?

As a junior, Evan Sharpley passed for approximately 1,950 yards with 19 touchdowns. Many of the nation's top programs took notice when Sharpley received an offer from the current co-national champion LSU.

Is he interested in the Irish? "I'm very much interested in the Irish," Sharpley said.

The Irish also appear to be interested in Sharpley. "I've been receiving handwritten letters from Coach Diedrick and Coach Denbrock. Coach Denbrock is the recruiter for my area."

Evan recently attended Notre Dame for a Spring Practice, and is planning to attend the Spring Game/Junior Day this weekend. As for summer camps, Sharpley plans to attend camps at Michigan, Notre Dame and probably Michigan State.

Has he set a timeframe for making a decision? "I want to take my time and make sure I make the right decision." Sharpley's favorites at the moment are (in no particular order) Iowa, LSU, Michigan and Notre Dame.

Academics is going to be an important part of Sharpley's decision, but the biggest recruiting tool Notre Dame may have at its disposal is the success of the baseball team. "I want to play both sports in college and Notre Dame has already told me that they can work around it so that I can do both. Notre Dame has a great baseball program and Jeff Samardzija has been awesome for them."

Distance may be a factor for Sharpley. "I'd like to stay in the Midwest, but if the right situation (academics, football and baseball) presented itself further away, I wouldn't be opposed to traveling."

Qualifying shouldn't be a problem for Sharpley as he has a 3.94 gpa. He took the ACT on April 3, 2004 and is awaiting the results.

Comments: Notre Dame certainly appears to be in the mix for Sharpley's services. At this point, no one knows whom Notre Dame is going to offer at the quarterback position. However, given the academic, football and baseball prowess of the Irish, I think we'd have a good shot at Sharpley with an offer.

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