Laws Happy To Put Injury Behind Him

Sophomore Trevor Laws was thrilled to see spring practice arrive. The 6-0, 290-pound nose guard was excited to get the chance to work with the defense instead of running the scout team defense—that was until he became injured. Laws says he's back now, and ready to move on from a frustrating spring.

"It's been real frustrating," said Trevor Laws of his lingering injury. "I've missed a lot of practice so far, but I've been in a lot, too. It sucks being on the sidelines. I just try to learn second-hand. I look at the guys at my position and see what they're trying to do. I've been meeting with Coach Mattison a lot—trying to learn the defense as much as I can."

Laws says he feels he has the defense down pretty well at this point. "Yeah, I haven't gotten any missed assignments. I feel I've got it pretty good. I could always learn more, but I feel I've gotten it pretty good."

Irish Eyes fans know that Laws and sophomore John Sullivan are great friends that play opposite each other on the field. This friendship should include some classic battles during practice, and has always included classic battles in the media. We asked Trevor if he threw "Sully" around during the scrimmage on Saturday. "Always, it's not even close. I always throw him around."

Laws also says the offensive linemen have been cheating this spring, as always, and nobody cheats more than Sullivan. "They have, they've definitely been cheating. There's not a bigger cheater than Sullivan in the entire bunch. He is the worst. Everybody on the team knows it—can't play straight for anything."

But, how does Sullivan cheat? "He's always holding—he holds every play, pinching, grabbing, he can't play straight."

All kidding aside, Laws did say he has been impressed with the offense so far this spring. "I say definitely. Being on the scout team last year and playing against the 1s all the time and now playing on the defense and playing against the 1s, I think they're a lot better. I think they've got some new guys in there. I think John Sullivan is doing a great job. He's going to be a big-time player. They're playing a lot better from last year."

We asked Laws to single out a few on offense that have impressed him. "I'm impressed with Ryan Harris. He's been playing real well. Travis Thomas has been running the ball well. I think Brady has made big improvements, too. A lot of guys are stepping up on offense."

Laws will battle junior Derek Landri for the starting nose guard spot in the fall, but Laws says he expects both he and Landri to play a lot. "I don't really see it as a fight. I think we both know that we'll be rotating a lot. Derek and I are really good friends. We're both pulling for each other all the time. I just think Coach Mattison knows we can both contribute next year and we'll combine our efforts to do the best we can at the nose."

Saturday's scrimmage was just the second day that Laws returned to practice. We asked if he'd be ready for the Blue-Gold game next Saturday. "I'll definitely be able to go. I'm very sure of that. I've got to limit myself with some different movements, but I'll definitely be able to go."

Laws might be injured, but his quick wit is still razor sharp. He'll be an absolute joy to interview for the next few years, and we'll bet he'll also be a thrill to watch for many years to come. Top Stories