Byrd Have an Offer From the Irish?

For C.J. Byrd, the outstanding athlete from North Augusta S.C., letters and offers from schools have been coming almost daily. The 6'3 WR and DB has every major football program lining up to offer him a scholarship for his services on the gridiron. He remains wide open at this point and is considering the schools that have offered him. Is Notre Dame in that group?

For C.J. Byrd, having 24 scholarship offers before May evaluation has not been overwhelming. Not yet anyway. The 6'3 athlete played both ways for his North Augusta team last season recording 92 tackles, two interceptions and one fumble recovery on defense, while having 36 catches for 500+ yards and two TDs on offense. He also returned two kickoffs 100 yards for touchdowns on special teams. No wonder teams have been lining up for Byrd's services.

Byrd's list of offers is the who's who of college football. "I have 24 offers" Byrd said. "My junior season really put me on the map. I have offers from LSU, Georgia, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Penn State have all offered. That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now."

With all these offers, Byrd claims he has yet to narrow things down. "I'm considering all the schools that offered me. I probably will narrow things down when the calls get out of hand. But right now, I'm really open."

He's open to playing offense or defense as well. "I don't have a preference where I play. Most schools are recruiting me as an athlete anyway. I like offense and defense so it doesn't matter where I play."

With the end of his junior year approaching, Byrd says he hasn't set any plans yet for the summer. "I'm not really sure on camps yet. I guess I'll figure out what I'm going to do really soon."

Byrd has a 3.1 GPA, and has scored 890 on his SAT. He will be looking for a school that offers him a good education, as well as a good football program. "Academics come first. I want to choose a school that is strong academically. I'll also be looking at the sports program to see if they have a strong winning tradition. The relationship with the coaches will be important too. But academics come first. I play on majoring in accounting, or finance, or maybe radiology. So the school I choose will have to be strong in those areas."

With the recent offer from Notre Dame, the Irish have jumped into the race with the rest of the schools. "I'm considering Notre Dame. I will get to know a lot about them once I talk to the coaches. I haven't talked to them yet, but I look forward to it. I look forward to talking to all the coaches."

Don't expect Byrd to make a decision anytime soon. He plans to wait it out. Expect him to make all five official visits, and decide somewhere near Signing Day.

Comments: Byrd is a Notre Dame type of kid. Very articulate, and focused on his education. Things may become more clear with his recruiting after May. While he enjoys the attention right now, he knows that the phone calls and attention will become overwhelming shortly so he'll begin to narrow things down. Irisheyes will keep you updated.

There is video of C.J. Byrd on his profile. Top Stories