Wolke Returns from Trip to Notre Dame

Quarterback David Wolke recently returned from a four-day trip to South Bend to check out the Irish practice this spring. Wolke will report to Notre Dame in August, but he'd like to report right now. What did Wolke think of the Irish? Who impressed Wolke in practice? What did he think of his workout with fellow classmate Chris Vaughn?

Quarterback David Wolke recently spent four days in South Bend during his spring break to get a look at the Irish offense. "I had a great time," said Wolke. "Everybody was real nice. It was exactly what I expected."

Wolke said he got to spend a lot of time with Coach Diedrick and the quarterback during his visit. "I got to talk to him a bunch. We talked about the offense and the playbook. He's a very smart guy. They've got things going in the right direction there. It's going to really start to move on offense."

The Smyrna, Tenn. native also spent some time with future classmate, wide receiver Chris Vaughn. "He's a great guy. We had a good time together. We got to throw some. We hooked up real quick. He's a great receiver. He's got great hands and great speed. He's going to be a good one."

As for the offense, Wolke says he didn't think it was that difficult. "I didn't think it was that complicated. There is a lot to learn, but like anything else, it will come together for you."

Wolke also got to spend some time with starter Brady Quinn. "He's a real good quarterback. He's a lot better than he was I think. He's also a good person. He was real nice to me when I was up there and talked to me a lot."

The 6-4, 210-pound quarterback says he'll work hard this summer to improve his game. "I'm going to be working out and throwing a lot. The speed of the game is a lot faster there, I noticed that so I'll work on that. I had eye surgery recently so I haven't been able to work out as much. I had Lasik surgery, but it's healed and I see a lot better. I just plan to work out and throw a lot and hopefully get a lot better."

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