More Quotes From the Blue-Gold Game

Notre Dame put the finishing touches on spring practice in front of 18,469 fans as the Blue Team came away as the winners 35-7 in the 75th Blue-Gold contest.

Brady Quinn picked up the offensive MVP award based on his overall leadership and accurate passing, completing 17-for-22.

Tom Zbikowski, who is developing into a warrior, was selected as the defensive MVP due to his aggressive all-around play and two interceptions.

Irish Eyes was present for team interviews after the game:

Tom Zbikowski

How close is this team? "I think we are a close team; we are not separated by each class. I think we're a strong team by now."

Where do you feel you are on the depth chart? "Quentin is a real good football player. Hopefully I'll just keep battling. I think that's what makes a good team - the competition."

Are you happy with the way you played today? "I think so. So far. I've got to watch tapes, so we'll see."

Were you upset when the defense jumped offside on your interception? "No, that's Victor - he's my boy so I can't get made at him. That's part of football. He's trying to get a pass rush. He's trying to get a sack; you can't blame him."

Evaluate your performance. "Not bad. It started out I didn't make many plays but as the game progressed I felt a little more comfortable and I felt good back there. I just tried to make plays."

Bob Morton's views of Brady Quinn from last year to this year.

"He's older by a couple months and you do grow. And he has done that not only literally, but as far as football, he's grown. The little things in practice - if the formation is brought into the huddle wrong, or something like that, he corrects it. As a quarterback, you have to know the playbook and he knows it from side to side, front to back, anyway you can know it, he knows it. He has grown to be a huge part of this offense and basically be the vital hinge in it."

Corey Mays

Tell us about the game today. "It was a fun game. I believe it was a good spring overall. You have to get better in every facet of the game. That's the game itself; you always have to try to get better. I feel I didn't play bad at all but at the same time, we as a team have to continue to raise our talents each day to another level. I'm a perfectionist so it's never going to be what I want it to be unless I'm making a play, every play."

Ryan Grant

How do you feel the offense did today? "We had some good plays on offense. The guys played hard and that's what we wanted out of the game."

Do you feel ready to get back in the thick of things? "Absolutely, right now I've got to have a great summer - getting out there and getting ready for the season. I'm looking forward to great things from the whole offense and from myself."

What are some of the things you specifically need to stress? "Everything - just work on all parts of the game. The goals we had for the spring, I think we accomplished. Now we need to build off of those. The summer I think is an individual workout - I want to work on a lot of footwork things - get my legs as strong as possible. Everything, I just want to come back being in the best shape so the team can count on me."

Do you think you can improve your breakaway speed? "I think I've always had breakaway speed. My 40's are faster than any other back we have in the program. I've always had that; it's just a matter of doing it on the field."

Do you wish you would have touched the ball a few more times today? "Anytime you can give me the ball, I love getting the ball in my hands, but it was good to see other people touching it and making plays. I was impressed with Rashon. I think he deserved MVP - you know they gave it to Brady - but I was impressed with what he did. A lot of guys got a touch and showed their ability; we've got a lot of talent."

What can the passing game do as far as opening up the running attack? "It can do a lot of things, for the backs and for a lot of other guys. We can do more on the offense. We can stretch defenses out; we can get more plays; it makes for a more balanced team."

What about the offensive line - how much better is this group? "They're a lot better. Anytime you have spring, and we stress improvement and competition, they got real physical. That's what you want off the bat. Their attitude is that they're going to get out there and hit somebody. That's what you want, if you mess up or not, you want to play as hard as possible and that is the first step. I think we did better executing today in pass protection and running the ball. We've had a good spring of progress."

Coach Wilks

How would you evaluate the play of the defensive backs today? "I think we did some great things today, I really do. At times I think we should have broke on the ball a lot quicker. You've got Jake Carney coming up and making some big plays; the secondary right there making some tackles; open-field tackles which gives us the opportunity to line up and play again. You could see some big plays from Zbikowski - I think he has truly emerged as a football player and someone who is definitely going to be in the mix next fall. He has definitely shown that so I am very encouraged by him."

Brady Quinn

As a quarterback are you taking over the leadership role? "Definitely, I think every quarterback should. I think, obviously, their role is a huge part and they are kind of like the coach out there - the leader on the field. That's the kind of person and player I want to be out there."

What was the best thing the offense did today? "I guess execute - we really went out there and did what was asked. Or I could say executed the way the plays should have been. We definitely could have made more plays. I definitely think like on Rashon's run - that was a great play. A couple other plays we could have had touchdowns, but didn't. On Carlyle's reverse, that was one play we sort of worked on at the last minute - kind of tweaked it - but it didn't exactly work out the way it was drawn up on the board. He definitely adjusted well on the run and made a great play out of it."

"Everything went smoothly when you just drive it down the field. It's a plus for the offense and it kind of wears down the defense - without the players not getting any breaks." Top Stories