Price Enjoys Recent Trip to Notre Dame

Sean Price, a 6-1 175-pound quarterback from Maine South HS in Park Ridge Ill., recently made a trip to Notre Dame for the spring game. Who did he speak to during the visit and how did he spend his time. Is he going to attend the Notre Dame football camp? What were his impressions of the Notre Dame offense?

On Saturday morning, Sean Price and his dad left the northern Chicago suburbs and headed for South Bend. Although Sean has a number of connections to Notre Dame and he has been to campus more times than he can count, this was the first time he was able to attend spring football game. We asked Sean what he thought about the game. "I really enjoyed it," said Price. "We got to go into the locker room before the game and listen to Coach Willingham and Steve Buerlin speak to the team.

"I also got to speak with Coach Diedrick. He talked about the offense, how it has improved since the beginning of spring practice and how they have improved the timing of the offense."

I asked Sean what he thought of Notre Dame's offense. "I think it's improving. They are throwing the ball deeper which helps spread everything out, it opens up the field. They seem more confident."

From what he saw, does he think he can fit into ND's system? "Definitely. I'm confident I can adapt to any offense."

After the game Sean bumped into fellow Chicago product Tommy Zbikowski. "Tommy and I used to work out together, so it was nice to see him. His dad knew my offensive coordinator, Charlie Bliss, so that's how we got together. He asked me what I was up to and how things were going."

After leaving the stadium Sean hooked up with his cousin Collin Falls. They just wanted to hang out so they went to watch the Bookstore Basketball tournament "It was very cool. All the students hanging around watching the game. We watched Brady Quinn's team. My brother also went to ND and had played in the tournament but I hadn't ever seen it--tt was great."

As soon as the bookstore tournament was over Sean and his dad jumped into the car and headed back to Chicago. Sean wanted to stick around for the Junior Day, but he was voted to the "Tremendous 26" football team by the Illinois Coaches Association and they were holding an event in Champaign, IL. on Sunday.

So what does Sean like about Notre Dame? "It's a smaller school, the students, and the atmosphere," Price said.

Price also said he plans to attend a few camps this summer. "Notre Dame and Illinois," was his response when asked what camps he would attend. "Since, I can't go to all the camps, my coach is setting up throwing sessions for schools who want to evaluate me. I'm also going to the May 8th Notre Dame Adidas combine."

What does he expect to get out of the camps he's attending? "Two things, I want to learn, I want to get something out the camp, but I also want to show the coaches what I can do...If they have any doubts about my ability I want to remove those doubts."

Price also recently received his first offer. "Washington State just offered--I was really surprised by that because it kind of came out of nowhere. But, I do like their offense, they throw the ball and I think it fits my style. Then Boston College, Bowling Green and Michigan have stopped by school recently."

While the Irish remain very interested, Price knows he'll have to wait a bit for an offer. "We've discussed it in the past. Notre Dame explained that the process is probably a little longer for quarterbacks because they want to fully evaluate everyone."

Comments: The recruiting process is just starting to pick up for Sean and it's obvious that he will get a lot of attention from some top programs. He really didn't let on about his feelings toward ND, but I certainly think Sean is interested in ND. Although there probably isn't a lot about the school that will surprise him at this point, I could sense Sean really enjoyed his visit. More importantly, I think he identifies with the students. We didn't discuss his favorites, but you can probably assume that Notre Dame is among them. Top Stories