Schoenhoft Enjoys Irish Spring Game

Cincinnati quarterback Rob Schoenhoft is one hot prospect. The 6-6, 220-pound Schoenhoft already has 14 offers under his belt. He recently took another unofficial visit to Notre Dame for the Irish spring game. What did he think of the game? What did he think of the Irish offense and quarterback Brady Quinn? What did the Irish coaches tell him about an offer? Irish Eyes spoke with Schoenhoft to find out the latest.

Rob Schoenhoft came away very impressed with Notre Dame after his latest unofficial visit. "I made it in for the spring game. It was awesome," said Schoenhoft of his recent visit. "It was an unbelievable place. I already had taken the tour of campus on my last visit so we just enjoyed the game this time. I got to see what type of offense they run. I got to go inside the locker room after the game, it was a blast."

What did Schoenhoft think the the Notre Dame locker room. "It took my breath away. I've seen it so many times on TV. Just to stand in there, touch the sign, it's something I'd love to be a part of."

Schoenhoft also got the chance to speak with ofensive coordinator Bill Diedrick after the game. "We didn't talk too much about an offer or anything. They told me before that they had it narrowed down to a few and that I was one of them. They said they would take a look at all of us at camp and then offer a couple after camp."

The Cincinnati native also was impressed by the Irish offense. "They looked good out there. I think they'll have a real good offense this year. Brady Quinn is really going to be something special."

Some new offers have also come Schoenhoft's ways since we last spoke to him. "I have 14 offers right now. Michigan, Utep, UConn and a couple of others recently offered me." Schoenhoft has also been offered by the likes of Michigan State, Iowa and Maryland as well.

The plan is still to decide early for Schoenhoft. "I want to get the decision out of the way early. Hopefully I'll have it done before my senior season. I plan to attend camp at Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa and Ohio State this summer."

Does Schoenhoft have some top school at this point? "Notre Dame is either No. 1 or No. 2. It changes daily with Michigan State. I'm still interested in anyone right now. I'm just waiting to see what Notre Dame does with an offer and checking out some other schools."

The phone has also started rining with the May evaluation period starting. "Cincinnati has called me. Maryland called. I just talked to Coach Carr, but I called him," Schoenhoft said.

Comments: The Irish are definitely high on Schoenhoft's list right now. He seems willing to be patient and show his potential at camp. Schoenhoft certainly has impressed us on film and should do well at camp. We'll keep an eye on him as we're certain the Irish are very interested in Schoenhoft. Top Stories