Williams Up to 36 Offers

Greenbelt, MD. athlete Derrick Williams is widely considered one of the top prospects in the country for 2005. He currently has 36 offers under his belt and plenty of schools to choose from. Where does Notre Dame stand in the Derrick Williams race?

The phone has been ringing at the home of Derrick Williams. "I've received a lot of calls," said Williams. "Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Nebraska, Maryland, Virginia, Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma, there's been a lot more. I just can't remember them all."

Williams has 36 offers now and it doesn't seem the offers will stop any time soon. "Pretty much every school I'd ever wanted to offer has offered me now. I really don't how I'm going to narrow this down to make a decision. I just need to get to know the coaches better."

The Irish are one school that hasn't offered him, yet. "I haven't heard anything from Notre Dame about an offer. I hear from them, but I don't have an offer from them."

Would he be interested if the Irish offered? "I sure would be interested. Notre Dame has the biggest football you can get. I'd definitely be interested."

Williams says he doesn't plan to attend any summer camps, and he can't name any favorites at this time. "I'm not going to any camps. I've decided I'm going to take summer school to graduate early from high school. I just want to get a head start. I couldn't begin to name a top eight or anything. There are so many schools that are interested in me. I have to get to know the coaches a little bit better before I can name a leader.

Comments: If Williams wants to enroll in January of next year, the Irish are likely out of the race as they do not allow for early enrollment. He's a top player that appeared to be very interested in Notre Dame. The early entry factor will likely take Notre Dame out of the race.

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