Message Board Problems?

Some are still experiencing problems with the message boards. We apologize for the problem and are trying to fix it. Click on this story for some possible solutions to the problem.

For whatever reason, some are still having problems getting to the message boards. Here are a few fixes that have worked for others.

If you are trying to access the boards from an old link, please click HERE for the new link to the message board. Once you are in, please bookmark the new address or add it to your favorites.

If it doesn't load, trying hitting the stop button on your browser and then hitting refresh or reload.

Once you get one board to open, you can navigate the rest of the boards using the navigational tool on the message boards to get to any of the other boards.

If that doesn't work, try this fix.

Try dumping your cache like this:

Click on Tools -> then Internet Options -> then Delete Files

Do that and go to the boards and try a hard refresh (CTRL-F5).

This fix has worked for many others. I hope this helps the few that are still struggling to get on. Top Stories