Gillen Still Waiting for First Offer

Glen Ellyn, Ill. linebacker Conor Gillen is still waiting for his first official offer, but plenty of schools appear very interested in the 6-2, 225-pound Gillen. Is Notre Dame interested? What did Gillen have to say about the Irish? Where will he be camping this summer?

Conor Gillen had a solid junior season. "I had 90 tackles and seven sacks," said Gillen. "I just ran a 4.71 with a trainer at the Don Bebbe speed camp. I'm going to Notre Dame this weekend to work out at the Adidas camp."

At this point, Gillen is waiting for his first offer. "I don't have any offers yet," Gillen said. "Notre Dame, Illinois, Northwestern, pretty much the whole BIG 10 is recruiting me, Arizona State. Those are some of the schools recruiting me."

A number of coaches are scheduled to stop by his school. "I know that Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Iowa and Purdue are supposed to be coming. I've also talked to a coach from Kansas on the phone. I know I've missed a bunch of other calls."

The Irish also appear to be recruiting Gillen pretty hard. "I receive mail from Greg Mattison at least several times a week. I went to one of their spring practices and got to see Notre Dame. I loved it there. I got to spend time talking with the coaching staff and Coach Willingham. He's an amazing guy. You just want him to keep talking."

Besides the Adidas camp this weekend, Gillen has a busy schedule the rest of the summer. "I'm going to the Iowa Nike combine. I'm hoping after these two camps that things will pick up. I'm pretty confident I'll do well at both camps. I'll probably attend 3-4 1-day camps this summer. I'm not sure where yet."

Football is in the blood of Gillen. "My Dad played for Illinois and spent six years in the NFL. My brother is a linebacker at Wisconsin right now so they're helping me with recruiting. Academics are going to be important to me. I also want the opportunity to play so I'll look at that."

Gillen is also an outstanding student with a 4.5 g.p.a scored on a 5.0 scale. He also scored a 24 on his ACT.

Comments: The Irish should get a good look at Gillen this weekend as will a number of top schools. Expect some action to happen with him in the next month. We'll keep following Gillen and see if the Irish offer. Top Stories