Custer Getting Plenty of Attention

For Ryan Custer, the big time two way lineman from Troy Ohio, recruiting is starting to heat up. Constant letters, and visits from coaches is starting to become a regular routine.

"I'm getting attention from a lot of schools right now. I can't think of them all off the top of my head" said Ryan Custer very modestly. There have been tons of coaches stopping by his school to get a glimpse of Custer within the past week. "Boston College, Tennessee, Indiana, and Bowling Green have all stopped by" said Custer "Most schools are recruiting me for defense while others say I could play either way.

Though Duke has offered him a scholarship, Custer seems to be considering all the schools that are considering him. That list would also include Notre Dame who stopped by his school recently. "Last week Coach Denbrock came by my school. Notre Dame hasn't really showed that much attention, but Coach Denbrock did stop by."

Custer seems to be very nonchalant about the recruiting process. He knows what he is looking for in a school however. "Academics if very important to me, so I'll be looking for a school with good academics. I'll also be looking at the size of the school." When asked to elaborate on that Custer said, "I'm looking to go to a smaller school. I'm not really a big city type of person so school size is really important to me."

Look for Custer to make a name for himself during the summer as he attends a few camps. "I'm going to Notre Dame's camp, and Ohio State's camp too. I know I'll be going to a few other camps but I'm not quite sure which ones yet."

Will Custer be making a decision anytime soon? "I'd like to make a decision before the start of my senior season, so I can get it over with, and I focus on playing."

Custer carries a 3.7 GPA and is currently awaiting his SAT test results. He and his family are avid readers of the, and he encouraged Irisheyes to keep in touch.

Comments: Custer was a pleasure to talk to. He's very laid back, and nonchalant, but knows exactly what he wants. Notre Dame seems to be a good fit with him (good academics, relatively small school). He will be in South Bend for camp so the coaches will get a first hand look at him. Irisheyes will keep you updated on Custer's recruiting. Top Stories