North Carolina Star Has 10 offers

Wilson, North Carolina is the home of defensive end prospect Everette Brown. The 6-4, 235-pound player already has a host of offers. Is Notre Dame one of those offering? Irish Eyes found out.

Everette Brown is an athlete that is a playmaker on either side of the ball. As a defensive end for Beddingfield high school last year, Brown recorded 110 tackles, 9 sacks, and had two interceptions. He also hauled in 24 catches for 400 yards as a tight end.

We asked Brown if he had a preference as to which side of the ball he played on. "It doesn't really matter to me. I think I can help the team on either side."

Many college coaches share Everette's opinion, as he had received plenty of offers. "So far Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee, Penn State, Wake Forest, East Carolina, Kansas State, Florida State, Maryland, and Virginia Tech have given me offers," said Brown.

Has Notre Dame offered? "No, they haven't offered me yet. Their recruiting coach is writing me consistently, though. They said they were going to make an offer, but they haven't yet."

Does Brown have any interest in Notre Dame? "Yes, they have a rich tradition. It's a very prestigious school. I'd also like to meet Coach Willingham."

We asked Brown if he had a time frame in making a decision. "I'd like to take a few visits and have my mind made up by the middle of the season."

What are his deciding factors in choosing a school? "First off, the academic background; that's the most important thing," said Brown. "I plan on majoring in business, so the school will have to have a good business program. Also, the team's depth chart is something I'll look at," said Brown.

Location will also be a key for Brown, "The college town itself, and by that I mean the overall environment of the university and the surrounding town, is important. How many people are around the town and go to the university." Bigger or smaller town and college? "Bigger," said Brown.

Would distance play a factor into the choice of his school? "No, right now that's not an issue."

Irish Eyes asked Brown if he had any top choices as to where he'll end up. "Right now I'm really wide open. I don't have any favorites."

Do his parents have any preferences? "No, they're leaving it up to me."

Brown said he is going to retake the SAT since he wasn't happy with his first score. He has a self reported 3.3 GPA.

Comments: From taking to him, Brown does seem to have some interest in Notre Dame. However, he seems really open to the whole recruiting process right now. Once he starts making visits, we might get a better indication on which direction Brown is leaning. We'll check back and let you know. Top Stories