Star LB Just Taking It All In

Tom Korte, the stud LB from Grand Rapids MI, excells in the classroom, as well as the three sports he plays year round. His skills on the gridiron has made him a hot commodity this spring in recruiting as colleges are starting line up to see him. Does he have any interest in the Irish?

For Tom Korte, recruiting has had to take a back seat this spring. Korte plays third base for his 19-4 baseball team, so most of his focus has been on helping his team win. That doesn't mean recruiting hasn't been on his mind though. After finishing his junior football season with 130 tackles from his inside linebacker position, and 950 yards rushing (12TDs) from his fullback position, it's easy to see why schools are interested in Korte. Korte however is very modest about everything. "I'm taking it all in, and trying to stay focus on baseball right now" said Korte. "It's been kind of difficult so far to manage everything, but it's fun" he continued.

What schools has Korte been hearing from lately? "I've been hearing from Michigan and Notre Dame the most I'd have to say" said Korte. "Boston College and Northwestern came to visit my school, and so did Western Michigan. Michigan and Notre Dame were up to my school too."

What are most schools recruiting Korte as? "Most of the schools have said inside linebacker, even though Notre Dame said I could be a big bruising fullback for them."

Korte has had a very busy spring so far. Besides baseball what else has he been doing? "This Spring as been pretty interesting. Right now I'm trying to figure out what camps to go to, trying to figure out what to do. I am definitely going to Michigan and, Notre Dame camps, but I am going to try to squeeze in Boston College and Northwestern camps as well."

Korte also plans to re-take his ACT exam in early June. He's already qualified with a 3.6 GPA and a 23 on his ACT, but he wants to take it again. "I know I can score better than a 23 so I'm going to take it again. I'm suppose to take it again on June 12th, but I might not be able to do it on that date because that is a playoff date for baseball. So if my team makes it far in the playoffs, I won't be able to take it that day."

What does Korte's decision timeline look like? "I don't really know. Right now I'm just dedicated to Catholic Central, so recruiting is in the back of my mind."

Comments: Korte was seriously a pleasure to talk to. We believe he really is just taking it all in right now, even though Michigan and Notre Dame seem to be the front runners right now. It was impressive to hear him say he wants to retake the ACT to get a higher score even though he's qualified. Academics will be a factor in Korte's decision since it is very important to him. His brother in law is a sporadic reader of who likes to keep up to date with recruiting.

Things should become a lot clearer after Korte attends a few camps this summer, so Irisheyes will keep you updated with his recruiting. Top Stories