Bass Up to 16 Offers

Jackson, Mich. is home to one of the more exciting players of 2004, quarterback Antonio Bass. The 6-2, 195-pound Bass can hurt teams with both his arm and his feet. He's an athletic quarterback that has gotten plenty of attention from college coaches including 16 offers. Have the Irish offered? What does Antonio think of Notre Dame?

"I'm not sure what my stats were," said Antonio Bass. "I know I ran a 4.4 at the Nike camp, but I don't remember my stats from last year."

His stats were good enough for many top schools to offer Antonio. "I have 16 offers already," said Bass. "Mostly BIG 10 schools. Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Purdue, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Florida, Illinois--those are what I can remember."

The Irish are also recruiting Antonio. "They've been recruiting me. They came by my school already." Have the Irish said anything about an offer? "Not really, they can't talk to me when they come so I really don't know if they are going to offer me yet."

Bass did say he was interested in Notre Dame. "I like them, I'm definitely interested. They have a good football team and I like their coach there."

As with any athletic quarterback, the question becomes where does he play? Bass says he wants to be recruited as a quarterback. "I want to go as a quarterback," Bass said. "I think I can play quarterback at the next level. If it doesn't work out for me there, I'll make the switch to another position, wide receiver maybe, no problem.

"Most teams are telling me I can play whatever I want--kind of recruiting me as an athlete, but I'll get a shot at quarterback."

Bass says he's made some summer plans as well. "I don't know if I'll go to any camps or not this year," said Bass. If I don't, I'll probably go visit some schools this summer. I went to Ohio State last year. I've seen Michigan. I've seen Michigan State as well. I'll probably go check out some other schools."

Michigan has been rumored as his top school. We asked Bass if that rumor is true. "They are pretty high up there," said Bass of the Wolverines. "Florida, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Michigan State, there are others. I'm wide open right now, really. I don't when I'll decide. I'll probably take some visits before deciding."

Bass also appears to be fully qualified with a self-reported 3.0 in his core and he said he scored a 21 on his A.C.T..

Comments: Bass appears to be somewhat interested in Notre Dame, but that interest isn't as strong as other schools. An offer might spark his interest more. As of now, it appears the Irish are in the backseat looking to jump into the front with Bass. Top Stories