Mattes Up to Five Offers

Plymouth, Pa. offensive line prospect Kurt Mattes is up to five offers in this early recruiting season. The 6-6, 260-pound Mattes has brother Brian already at Notre Dame. Kurt recently visited Notre Dame for a junior day and we caught up with Kurt to see how recruiting has been going for the youger Mattes.

"I'm up to five offers now," said Kurt Mattes. "Virginia, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Syracuse and U.Conn have offered me."

The Irish are also recruiting Mattes. "I get letters from Coach Simmons all the time. They have not been by my school yet. I went there for their junior day. That went real well. I liked it there. That was good."

We asked Kurt what the Irish coaches have been telling him so far about an offer. "To tell you the truth, I'm really not clear on what their plans are," Mattes said. "I guess I'll see what happens when they come to my school."

Kurt says he'll visit some schools this summer, but he's not sure where he'll be heading at this point. "I don't have any real plans yet. I guess I'll kind of see which schools offer me and get to work from there."

Mattes also said he's not sure when he'll make his decision. "I'll just wait to get that feeling," he said. "When I get that feeling, I'll commit."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in the race, but it seems like they'll have to throw their hat in the ring with an offer soon to remain in the race. We'll keep an eye on Kurt to see what the Irish plan to do about an offer. Top Stories