Northern California Back Close to First Offer

Marin Catholic high school in Kentfield, Calif. is home to running back Kahlil Bell. The 6-0, 210-pound Bell should be one of the top running back prospects in the state of California this season. We spoke to Marion Catholic coach Ken Peralta to get his thoughts on his rising star.

Coach Ken Peralta had plenty of nice things to say about his star running back, Kahlil Bell. "He's a big back," said Peralta. He's 210 right now, but will easily play at 220-225 in college. He's a Marcus Allen type of back. He just gets stronger as the game goes on."

We asked Coach Peralta to describe Bell's running style. "He has great vision, and he runs behind his pads," Peralta said. "He's always pushing forward and gets the tough yards when you need them. He's got real good balance and good feet in traffic. He didn't fumble one time all last season. He carried 31 times for us in the championship game last year. He just gets stronger as the game goes on."

Peralta admits Bell's not the blazer that some backs are. "His first 20 yards are as quick as anyone," said Peralta. But, he's not a 10.5 100 meter guy. His first 20 yards are above average. His second 20 is about average. He's a 4.6 guy, but he'll wear you down. He's a lot like Marcus Allen. As the game goes on, he's always there and he wears you down. He's got great endurance."

At this point, Bell is still waiting for his first offer. "He just went to that Nike Camp this weekend," Peralta said. "I know I talked to some ASU guys and some Northwestern guys that were really high on him. They said they were going to call him, but I haven't spoken to him today to see if he got an offer. I know Cal likes him a lot. Notre Dame is going to come take a look at him."

The Irish are one of Bell's favorites according to Peralta. "His Dad really likes Notre Dame and wants him to go there. I think he also likes Notre Dame. I know he's going there for camp in June. Hopefully they like what they see."

Peralta said Bell hasn't had much experience in the passing game, but he has great hands and should contribute well in the passing game. "We run a lot here," Peralta said. "We pass the ball maybe 15 times a game. He's got really soft hands. He's the starting point guard on the basketball team here and he can dunk a basketball. I think he'll do real well in an offense that throws the ball quite a bit. He's got great, soft hands and that will help him."

Bell also should qualify according to Peralta. "He's a good student. I think he has a 2.7 in his core, but he's having a great semester so that should be around a 3.0 after this semester. We're a Catholic high school and a college prep school so school isn't easy here. He's a great kid and a real hard worker. Someone is going to get a great kid and player when he signs with them."

Comments: We'll follow up with Kahlil and get his thoughts on recruiting shortly. We thought you might enjoy what his coach had to say about him. The Irish appear very much in the race for Kahlil. I recently watched film of Kahlil and I agree with everything Peralta said about his star back. Bell has quick feet, a good burst and runs with power. He's got good balance in traffic and good vision inside. He'll remind Irish fans of Tony Fisher when they see his film. Top Stories