Roark Up to 15 Offers

Ada, Okla. is home to offensive lineman Craig Roark. The 6-3, 295-pound Roark already has 15 offers and many more are likely on the way. Are the Irish interested in Roark? What did he have to say about Notre Dame? What did an Irish coach recently tell him? We spoke to Roark recently to find out the latest.

Craig Roark had a big junior season for Ada high school. "We played 12 games, but I only played in 10. I think I had 96 pancakes and graded out at 92 percent," said Roark of his junior stats.

Roark also plays defense, but most schools like him on offense. "Most schools are saying either offensive guard or center," said Roark. "There are a few that are recruiting me for defense."

A number of schools have already thrown their hat in the ring with an official offer for Roark. "Baylor, Nebraska, Alabama, SMU, Arizona, Ohio State, Kansas State, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, TCU, Florida, UCLA and LSU have offered, said Roark. "A lot more schools are recruiting."

The in-state schools have yet to offer Roark. "They told me they would offer me when I went to camp there. I think they wanted to get all their coaches around to do it. I think they think it will be hard for me to turn down that way, " said Roark jokingly.

The Irish also have been recruiting Roark but have yet to officially offer. "They told me they are looking for tackles this year. Coach Preston told me that I was the best guard he's seen on film all year. He said when they offered a guard, I'd be the first. He made it sound like they would offer--it just might be a while."

Is Roark interested in Notre Dame? "Yeah, definitely," he said. "That is a big program. They have great tradition there. I'm definitely interested."

Roark has a busy schedule lined up this summer. "I'm heading to LSU this week," said Roark. "I'm going to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State one-day camps. I'll probably take an unofficial to Arizona. I might go see some of the Florida schools."

Roark might be heading out on the road to get away from all the attention he's receiving. "It's been crazy," said Roark of all the attention. "I've gotten a bunch of phone calls. Coach Callahan and Coach Saban have been the two head coaches that have called me. Since the first of May, there has been at least two coaches at my school every day. It's a blessing, really."

A decision could come at any time for Roark. "I really don't know if I plan to decide early or not. I don't have a time frame. I might decide early. I might take my visits. I really don't know yet. Academics are going to be important. The coaches will also be important--I want to know they are going to be there. Also, tradition will be a big deal."

Roark is also solid in the classroom with a self-reported 3.8 in his core, and he scored a 25 on his SAT.

Comments: Roark appears pretty interested in Notre Dame. The Irish have shown interest, but have yet to offer. The Irish will likely have to offer soon to stay in the race. It sounds like any other year, he'd likely have an offer already. The Irish do need tackles in this class though so the lack of offer is certainly understandable. Top Stories