Evans' Open but Father isn't

Kris Evans, the 5'11 165lbs RB from Monroe Michigan is starting to receive tons of attention. At this point, Evans is just taking it all in and has no favorites. However, his father has a favorite.

After a good junior season with 116 rushes for 802 yards (14TDs), and 23 receptions for 225 yards (2TDs), Kris Evans is getting the attention he deserves. Colleges have been pouring into Monroe HS lately, and Evans is starting to enjoy the recruiting process. "Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Penn State, Stanford, Boston College, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Northwestern, Buffalo, Connecticutt, and Cinninati have all been in lately" said Evans. "There have been more but I can't think of them off hand right now" he continued.

Evans also has two offers to go along with the attention. "I have offers from Eastern Michigan and Stanford right now. There are a lot of schools that talk about offering too."

Though it's still relatively early in the recruiting process, Evans has a top five he's looking at even though he's still pretty wide open. "Notre Dame, Michigan, Stanford, Northwestern and Eastern Michigan are my top five right now. I don't really have a favorite, but my father does."

Who does his father favor? "My dad really likes Notre Dame. He likes [Coach Tyrone Willingham], and Notre Dame was to offer me, he'd like me to go there. But things are wide open for me. My decision will come down to how well I get along with the coaches, and the area [of the school] and a few other things.

How does Evans feel about Notre Dame? "I like Notre Dame. That's a school I'm looking at. They send me a lot of stuff. The coaches were talking about offering, but they want to see me in person first, but they say they are very interested."

Look for Evans to make a midwest tour this summer to attend several one days camps. "I'm going to try to get to Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Toledo, Michigan, Purdue, Northwester, and I going to try to get out to Boston College to see what that area is like."

Comments: It appears that Evans is going to take his time and make a decision based on his summer swing and new offers. He's fully qualified with a self reported 3.9 GPA and 22 ACT which he is retaking in June. He will probably not be attending Notre Dame camp, but told me that a few coaches from ND may come up to see him at the Michigan camp. If Notre Dame offers, look for Notre Dame to be his leader. We should know more after he attends a few camps.

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